Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of washing liquid and washing powder

 Everyone has always been good at using laundry detergent or washing powder to clean clothes,and the topic that is less harmful to the environment has always been true.But the answer depends largely on the needs of users.


  The cleaning effect of washing liquid and washing powder is good,but some people think that washing liquid is very good at cleaning greasy and food stains,and washing clothes is more effective in removing dust and sludge.In addition,pre-treating dust with washing liquid is also simpler than washing powder.

  Shelf life

  Ingredients such as bleach and surfactant are more stable in the powder,so the shelf life of the washing powder is longer.In addition,unlike washing liquid,washing powder will freeze in a low temperature environment.


  Some washing powder must be dissolved in warm water,which means more energy is required.Laundry detergent can dissolve in warm and cold water.The washing powder may not be completely dissolved in the washing machine,and if you leave residue on the clothes,you need to repeat cleaning.


  Although a small amount of concentrated laundry liquid can be used to clean a lot of clothes,the dosage on the bottle is confusingly simple,so consumers simply overuse the laundry liquid.On the other hand,the amount of washing powder is relatively simple to grasp.

  Water and environment

  Non-concentrated laundry liquid contains nearly 80%of water,so the transportation cost of water is a mess.Highly concentrated laundry detergent helps to reduce this spoilage.In addition,laundry detergents include more surfactants than washing powders,and surfactants are harmful to aquatic ecosystems.

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