The difference between detergent and detergent

1, the morphology of the two is different, so the formula structure is different, washing powder is solid, can add a lot of solid filler, these filler can play a role in filling and washing, and laundry detergent is generally liquid raw materials or soluble raw materials, no friction agent.

2. Deposition, washing powder is easy to be redeposited on clothes due to the presence of a lot of solid additives, and the fabric is hard, while the surfactant water solubility of laundry detergent is good, easy to wash, and less deposition.

3, detergents, due to the presence of detergent phosphorus additives, friction additives, alkaline additives, enzyme additives, make detergent detergents stronger than detergent (especially very dirty greasy clothes). Laundry detergents are weak acid detergents, and their detergents are weaker than washing powders, but they can meet most of the need for detergents.

4. Compared with washing powder and detergent, washing powder is more harmful to hands. The reason is that human skin is weak acidic, and washing powder is alkaline, which will stimulate the skin. And general laundry liquid is neutral formula, mild to the skin without irritation.

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