Synergistic ingredients of bagged washing powder

In order to make the scrubbing agent have very good and more effects related to scrubbing, the increasing scrubbing agent is rich in special functional ingredients, which can effectively improve and improve the scrubbing function of the scrubbing agent.

  According to functional requirements, there are several types of synergistic ingredients used in scrubbing agents: those that improve the cleaning effect, such as enzyme preparations (proteases, lipases, amylases, etc.), bleaching agents, bleach accelerators, etc.; those that improve whiteness adherence , Such as anti-restacking agent, dust dispersant LBD-1, enzyme preparation (cellulase), fluorescent whitening agent, anti-stain agent; maintain fabric to improve fabric feel, such as softener, cellulase, antistatic agent, Color protection agent, etc.

  Note: In fact, many brands of scrubs differ in the main ingredients selected, and the subtlety of each product is often in these synergistic ingredients. The selection of various enzyme preparations can greatly enhance the cleaning ability of the scrubber on special and difficult-to-wash stains, such as blood stains, sweat stains, food oil stains, vegetable and fruit stains, etc.; bleach can make the pigment stains be differentiated and removed; The stacking agent can ensure that the clothes will not turn gray or yellow after repeated washing.

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